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Canadian Little Olives!

Please join me tomorrow at the Queenway Chapters for a ROOMS event! I can’t wait to see you all there!

For more info, check out the event page on facebook.

The Imagine Film List | Before I Fall


I know all you Little Olives are AMAZING fancasters, and this is a really fun way to share your dream cast for a Before I Fall movie, and show your support for a future adaptation! 

Have fun guys, I can’t wait to check out your casts. 





This has all happened so fast, but I’m SO FREAKIN’ excited that the unaired Delirium Pilot is going to stream on Hulu for JUST 30 DAYS starting JUNE 20TH!

Here’s the thing guys… I haven’t seen it yet! I don’t want to see it until all the rest of you do, so here’s what I suggest:


Date: Friday, June 20th

Time: 6:30pm EST

Attire: Fancy - Pajamas

Hastag: #DeliriumPilot


First look at the trailer for Lauren Oliver’s Delirium

Emma Roberts' Delirium Pilot Lands on Hulu -- Watch the Trailer Here

Originally filmed as a pilot for Fox, Delirium was not picked up to series, but due to the popularity of Lauren Oliver’s book trilogy – upon which Delirium is based – WIGS and Hulu have teamed up to bring the pilot to the web for a limited time. The pilot was also directed WIGS co-founder Rodrigo Garcia.

Teen Homelessness and Hazing Awareness


Hey guys!

I’m really excited that soon the new year will be upon us and I’ll be able to share PANIC with you. Writing PANIC was both challenging and cathartic for me. It was exciting to return to realism, and to explore a world characterized by the same sense of smallness and enclosure I often railed against as a teenager. It was certainly a departure from dystopia, but that doesn’t mean the stakes in PANIC aren’t high: every player of the game has something they’re fighting for—revenge, money, fame, love—and the players literally put their lives on the line to compete.

On a more serious note: the characters in PANIC deal with some very serious issues. While I don’t want to give ALLLL the spoilers away, I’ve collated a list of articles about some of the real-world problems the teens in PANIC—and teens all over the country—encounter, as well as a quick list of organizations dedicated to making a difference. The holiday season is upon us, so while you reflect on your blessings, take some time to think about all of the people who might be struggling. Please read through these articles—and if you want to support any of the organizations, click through and donate! Remember: ‘tis better to give than receive! (Okay, both are good, but people who do good for other people are scientifically happier than those who don’t!)

Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday,


Teen Homelessness

National Coalition for the Homeless-

This organization is geared towards ALL people experiencing homelessness and attempts to change social policy to aid homeless people.

My Friend’s Place-

This organization is geared towards empowering homeless youth to build a future for themselves.

Do Something.Org-

Do Something. Org is a website run by teenagers with the goal of educating youth about a variety of issues. This is their teen homelessness page, and here is a page of statistics that could be helpful for us:

Teen Hazing

Huffington Post-

This source is a collection of articles related to teen hazing, most of them sports related.

Cosmopolitan Article-

Hazing Prevention-

This organization also sponsors National Hazing Prevention Week (September 23-27) and has webinars, etc about preventing hazing.

Comparing Hazing to Jonestown-

An article on a fraternity blog that talks compares hazing to the mass deaths at Jonestown.

Lauren Oliver at Book Expo of America 2013 [x]

Lauren Oliver at Book Expo of America 2013 [x]


Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing well!

I don’t know if anyone knows but April 30th is the day that FOX will watch the Delirium pilot for the first time and make their decision as to whether or not they will pick up the show. I know everyone has tweeted and blogged about the show numerous times, but we need to band together one more time to make sure we get the message across to FOX nice and clear.

@JusutMel on Twitter has put together a nice little campaign which you can read all about right here.

It’s not necessary to change your icons and your names if you absolutely do not want to, but it is important that you tweet @FOXTV with the “PickUpDelirium”. She said not to hastag it, so don’t hashtag it. Or better yet, tweet it with and without a hashtag if you’re confused. Last time us invalids took over Twitter, we got #SpreadTheDeliria to trend in both the Philippines and Mexico. 

A list of times can be found here to ensure we all tweet at the same time. Find the correct time for your timezone and set a reminder for yourself. Tuesday April 30th and Wednesday April 31st for those of you who are ahead

I will see you all in two days!